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Scatter Slots

Scatter slots are unique and amazing slot games that are developed by Murka. They are a classic incorporation of role-playing games into the world of casino games. These games are quite advanced, and they seem to be ushering in a new era of casino gaming. You will definitely enjoy the intriguing gameplay, stunning sounds and graphics, and exemplary bonus features of these Murka slots. The atmosphere created when spinning the reels is certainly breathtaking.

The Scatter slots introduce a whole set of challenges into the world of slot machine games, which is undoubtedly known to be a luck-based game. These games will expose you to bonus games and missions to accomplish that include interactions with warriors, witches, vampires, and more. The developer has used sophisticated tech to deliver exceptional graphics that will depict the themes superbly. You will also love the soundtracks that will renew the classical feeling of gambling.

The exciting features that are present in other video slots are also present in Scatter slots. You will find some massive progressive jackpots, free spins, and bonus rounds in addition to the unique modes. These Scatter games also have various challenges that must be accomplished within specific timeframes. They include the seasonal holiday challenges, hourly challenges, and the daily challenges. Moreover, these slot machines give you the chance of playing with your friends and relatives through the multiplayer mode thus making gaming fun and interactive.

You can play Scatter slots offline or online hence enabling you to gamble even when in the remotest areas of the world. Players can play them through instant play no download or through the downloadable casino apps. The popularity of these games is increasing rapidly, and this is evident judging by the number of downloads on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. There are currently over one million downloads, and the numbers keep on increasing.

Fortunately, these games have excellent functionality with a range of smartphones, desktops, and laptops. You can enjoy them on your iOS, Windows, Android or Mac device. Hence, you can play them wherever and whenever you are.

How to Play Scatter Slots

Even though Scatter slots are unique in several ways, their gameplays are practically similar to the ones in the contemporary slots. These slot games from Murka were built to spice up the gaming experience but not to change it. Therefore, slot enthusiasts will enjoy them just as they enjoyed the other slot machines.

Just like the other slots, you must first set your bets. You can do this by setting the size of the coin, the number of coins to bet, and the number of lines to activate. There is a Bet Max feature, which enables you to set the maximum possible bet with the push of a button. It is an ideal option for the high rollers with enough money to spend, but it can be disastrous if you do not have a sufficient bankroll of coins.

Scatter slots work like other games that require you to spin severally to maximize your chances of winning. Hence, you must manage your bankroll perfectly in order to keep playing for longer. If you do not have enough coins, avoid the Bet Max feature and stick to the small bets. They are likely to lead to better fortunes for you.

Once your bets are set, you can hit the Spin button and watch your winnings reveal themselves. Some slots also have the Auto-Play feature. This option turns the reels in motion several times uninterruptedly while on the same bet thus increasing your probabilities of winning. It is a superb feature that increases the thrill of playing these Scatter slots. You certainly need to use it if you want more gambling entertainment from these Murka slots.

How to Win at Scatter Slots

When playing scatter slots, you should start with the simple game and then advance to the challenging levels. The base game will give you the chance to familiarize yourself with these new games before proceeding to the various challenges. Nonetheless, these challenges and bonus features are the sources of fun and entertainment when playing Scatter slots. They are also the surest ways of winning. What are the bonus features in these Scatter games?

The Bonus button reveals the special rounds that are available when playing these slots. These features have been provided to make gaming more interesting. They include the Hourly Bonuses, Holiday Bonuses, Daily Challenges, and exclusive offers for VIP players such as the Game of Slots, and Hooting Owl among others.

The first one is the Hourly Bonus that is activated immediately after you get to the second level. You will be offered free spins for a period of thirty seconds after every hour. In addition, you can hit the Upgrades option and make your gems more rewarding by using the upgrade points. These points are awarded when you fill the flask. Whenever a round ends, the overview of your winnings will be displayed thus enabling you to know the gem worth upgrading first.

You can also make this decision more accurately by hitting the Stats option and checking the statistics of all your winnings. It will display how you have progressed through the game since you started playing. If you are willing to take maximum advantage of your hourly bonus, you must check these statistics and choose your most valuable symbol that deserves an upgrade.

Moreover, you can earn coins in other ways other than filling the flask. Firstly, you can get them as a referral bonus whenever you invite five friends. Alternatively, you can purchase the coins as In-App purchases.

The Daily Challenges will also keep you intrigued. These are the reasons that will ensure that you access your favorite Scatters slots on a daily basis and accomplish your tasks. The daily challenges are usually normal things in the gameplay. However, in this case, they lead to brilliant rewards that will entertain you even more.

You will accomplish a daily challenge when you do five or more of the following:

These scatter games reward you for doing any of the above. These normal actions in the gameplay normally go unrewarded when playing most slots. This shows why they are special.

The bonus features of these scatter games do not end there. You can subscribe to the VIP club at a small fee and get bigger rewards on a regular basis. VIP players earn more gems, upgrade points and coins. Moreover, a Status System is present, and it improves depending on your progress in the game.

Your points increase when you buy various game products and complete the levels. The advantages of a higher status include more coins when you hit winning combos, more status points, and extra coins. Eventually, you can get a monthly cashback, which essentially means that you are given a fraction of your purchases as a cash bonus.

VIP gamers also stand a chance of encountering the Hooting Owl. Whenever you hear a queer hoot while gaming, the Hooting Owl slot is activated. This intriguing round can lead to significant winnings. Actually, it is officially triggered when you complete level 600.

Another special round is the jackpot room known as the Passion slot. This one enables you to place bigger bets and stand a chance of making more money. The jackpots available include the Grand, Mega, and Minor Jackpots. However, to get these jackpots, you must be playing online.

In addition, there is the Game of Slots tournament round that unlocks newer slots that can lead to higher wins. It also gives you the chance to interact with other punters using interesting emoji. The round is five minutes long, and your only goal is to garner as many winnings as possible. Once it is over, your wins are calculated and converted into a percentage that puts you into contention of getting the Grand Prize.

This round can also award lottery tickets that can enable you to get the biggest prize of this tournament. However, this round is only available for online gamers because it has a multiplayer function that cannot be accessed offline. Hence, you must check your Internet connectivity before you start it.

Another round that you will encounter when playing scatter games is the battle mode. You will trigger it when you finally get to level 45. This begins various missions, and you will get a ranking when you finish the first mission. Then, you will keep accumulating trophies whenever you finish the missions thus improving your ranking. When you become among the top three gamers, you will get the chance of placing higher wagers in any slot in this mode.

Even though the trophies do not award anything, they open slots giving you the opportunity to spin more and increase your coins.

The chests are also special features in these scatter slots. These are among the most recent additions into these games. You will be awarded chests whenever you buy gems or coins, and this redirects you to the chest feature. Here, a single chest will be picked randomly and opened. These chests have a hidden number of cards that are given before you get the main prize. Once you open the chest, you will either wait for it to be ready to reveal your wins or use gems to open it immediately.

Nevertheless, you can always choose to play the free Scatter slots mode that does not have any missions or levels. It is the ideal game when you are not in an enthusiastic mood. When playing the free mode, you can try the slots that are still unavailable on the map.

These amazing bonus features make scatter slots worth playing. They add a unique twist to casino games that makes them more exciting. You should certainly try them in order to encounter these awesome features and many more.

How to Win Real Money

Unfortunately, these Murka slots are not available for real money. They have incredible winnings that will make you wish that they were playable for real money, but it is impossible. The thrill of these games is in accomplishing the missions and getting to the highest levels. However, the gamble of winning or losing real money is conspicuously missing.

These Scatter slot machines are social casino games; hence, they can be played on social media platforms like Facebook. Therefore, there is no form of real money gambling allowed when playing them. You will only use real money when making In-App purchases. Nevertheless, many players download Scatter slots and enjoy these games without caring about this.

How to Cheat on Scatter Slots

There are very few or no ways of manipulating these Scatter slots to lead to more winnings. They are built in a stellar way to prevent any form of hacking. Hence, you should be cautious when you read about ways of manipulating these slots because they rarely work. Nonetheless, various cheat codes can enhance your gaming experience. However, they have not been tried and tested hence may not be working.

They include the following:

These cheat codes are usually created by the game developers to carry out various tests on the Scatter slots apps. Some of them may have expired, but you will find a few that work. You should also watch out for future credible reviews and get more cheat codes that will make your gaming experience more worthy. In addition, these cheat codes can be used repeatedly thus enabling you to take maximum advantage of them.

Scatter slots are fun and entertaining games that are certainly worth trying out. They have a plethora of unique bonus features that will keep you intrigued. In addition, they are built using stellar graphics and sounds that deliver an awesome gaming experience. Try them today for a chance of having an unforgettable experience.


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